School Travel Planning

School Travel Planning (STP) is a community-based model for implementing active school travel that systematically addresses barriers to and incentives for walking to school.  Through STP, Cedar Hollow P.S. and community partners looked carefully at how they could address traffic concerns while increasing the number of students who use active and sustainable routes to school.

Our STP project included: student and community surveys; traffic counts; a "walkabout" to observe and discuss areas of concerns; and a planning meeting. 

a group of people standing at a roundabout

 As part of STP, a Cedar Hollow: Action Plan  was developed to increase the safety and number of children using active modes of transportation (and school bus when eligible) and decrease the number of students driven to and from school.   


Keeping Our Children Safe 

Do you drive your children to and from school? 

Please see this message in accordance with the City of London Traffic & Parking Bylaw. 


Roundabout Safety

Did you know that the trees, rocks and foliage in the Killarney/Cedarhollow roundabout actually serve a purpose to slow drivers down? The more drivers can see, the faster they'll go! In fact, roundabouts are increasingly being installed in many new subdivisions because of the safety benefits. 

What's a PXO?!

Cedar Hollow is fortunate to have a Pedestrian Crossover or PXO!  It was installed by The City of London to help students and community members safely cross Cedarhollow Blvd. on their way to and from school.  

pedestrian crossover in front of school

words say Tony the street wise cat presents crossing safely a pedestrian crossover



 Cedarhollow and Killarney Traffic Calming
Did you know that in 2015, the residents of Killarney were surveyed to determine if there was enough support within the neighbourhood to warrant permanent speed cushions?