Kindergarten at Cedar Hollow

Welcome to Kindergarten at Cedar Hollow, home to the Hurricanes!

Kindergarten is a two-year, full-day program that focuses on creating a strong foundation of learning for children. Children are challenged through a developmentally appropriate play and inquiry-based program, which focuses on developing the whole child including areas such as Physical, Social, Emotional, and Cognitive. 

You can expect that throughout each day, your child will be involved in spontaneous play as well as more structured play-based learning. As children play, they learn about the world around them and how it works, about other people, and about themselves. Teachers and Early Childhood Educators have carefully organized the full day for your child, keeping in mind that young children will require adequate nutrition breaks and quiet opportunities.

The activities offered to your child are based on the Kindergarten program document, developed by the Ministry of Education. It is a program that capitalizes on the children's natural curiosity and their desire to make sense of their environment. Through exploration, investigation, and communication, your child will be excited about their learning.

Here you will find information that could help make your child/children's transition into kindergarten smoother. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

The following are important documents to look at before starting school this September 2024.

Early Years Transition Information - This form will help us learn a little bit more about your child to ensure the transition into kindergarten is as smooth as possible. Please fill out this form and email it to our school at

TVDSB Parent Portal - Register for the TVDSB Parent Portal.

SchoolMessenger - Register for SchoolMessenger. This is the app that we use to report student attendance. 

My Big Yellow Bus - Instructions on how to register for bussing.

Before & After School Program - Instructions on how to register for the Before & After school program if needed. 

School Cash Online - School Cash Online is an online parent portal that offers a safe, fast and convenient way to pay for school activity fees. This is the preferred form of payment. 

TykeTalk - TykeTALK provides speech and language services. If families suspect their child has any speech or language delays, this free community service accepts referrals for any preschool-aged child.

 London Family Center - Flyer about the London Family Center EarlyON services


Getting Ready for Kindergarten

 The Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Setting your child up for Success at School’  booklet was created to support families in their child’s transition to school. It includes valuable information on what families can do at home to support their child, as well as backpack tips, dressing tips, and tips on eating at school.  

This resource has been included for families as a video with voice-over in eight different languages. To access the videos, please click on the links below:

 Rock the Talk

 Thames Valley’s Speech and Language Team has created the ‘Rock the Talk: Why Talking with Your Child Matters  booklet, designed to help families support their children’s communication development. This resource outlines major areas of language and communication development and provides practical strategies for families to support their child in developing these skills and behaviours. This resource has been included for families as a PDF, as well as in video form, which includes a voice-over in English.

Rock the Talk (PDF)

Rock the Talk (Video)